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  1. This thermostat looks exactly like what I want! Thanks for sharing, just wish there was a wired version instead of WiFi. I am old school and like Cat5 especially to things I deem important. I can see how this will save me money in the near future 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

      Mine isnt wifi, but the one I recommend is, mine is pure x10 plc. Why are you set on wired? Wifi should have sufficient functionality and you dont need to run the cat5 into existing walls.

      And yes trust me it’s been very convenient having this upgrade. Almost so convenient I dont even think about it anymore yet I wouldn’t be able to go without it in the future.

      • Well for me knowing that there is a hard wire going to the lan makes me feel better then wondering if wifi was working. I know I sound old fashioned but seems to me it is easier to lose wifi then it would be to lose your hard lan connection… Then again most people have their hard lan wired into their wifi router so I guess both would be down anyway… LOL!

        My biggest concern is the amount of devices we are adding to our wifi lan. You have iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Laptops, Game Systems, etc… Now we want to add HA controllers too… When will it be too much for a wifi network to handle? Or are the routers now-a-days so much more robust that it is not even a worry?

  2. Had to think about this for a bit. I think that of all the devices we’d connect to our networks something like a thermostat would be less volatile. It only accepts HTTP GETs for commands and acknowledgements and it’s capable of running autonomously like a traditional thermostat.

    • I have this exact thermostat…and I wish I had a wired version. This thermostat frequently drops off my WLAN, even though the my Airport Extreme router is less than 2 feet from the thermostat. The thing about a wired connection is that IT JUST WORKS. Unfortunately, Wifi is always a crapshoot. I’m actually considering creating my own thermostat using a Raspberry Pi, just because of the connectivity issues.

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