13 comments on “Open Home Automation User Interface for PC and Mobile [WIP]

  1. This is good work. When I eventually get around to getting off my ass to start building my system, this looks like what I may use. Quick question though, will the graphics assets be editable/replaceable? I am a bit picky about design, and while yours isn’t bad, it’s not quite to my taste.

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  3. I’ve also been working on a from-scratch home automation software kit that seems to have very similar aims as yours. Mine is called gnhast, and the idea is that each piece of equipment is controlled by a driver that acts somewhat similarly to a UNIX device driver. There is a central control coordination program, that deals with all the different devices. All the communication is handled through a common API. If you want to switch a light on, you tell the central controller to do so, it finds the daemon that is communicating with that device, and asks it to flip the switch.

    My point being, this sounds nearly identical to your goal. However, all my stuff is just ugly backend code, I have no pretty front end, and I pretty much suck at css. However, it seems like our two efforts could easily be combined. You should email me, I’d really like to see what you have, or see if we can collaborate in some way.

    • Hey thanks for the info and sorry for the late reply. What you’re doing sounds interesting. Maybe throw up a few videos walking through your solution. I agree with you that you could take me “pretty” front end and adapt it for your use. I tried to write it with back end generic in mind.

  4. I’ve created something similar based on node.js and arduino based wireless sensors/controllers. Node.js doesn’t need external scripts and the server process will keep on running (not only during page requests like php). This way you can have the same single application serve the web pages, insert information in the DB based on incoming wireless data and perform the (timed) home automation.

  5. I started from the install side. I have a Home Automation Controller in place but I am looking for a simple universal user interface for may family. UI wall tablets from HAI are ridiculously priced and only work with the technologies attached to the controller. I have the internet protocols to connect and control devices and get status from sensors for the controller so your UI approach would work perfectly. I just set up an empty github site but have never collaborated this way before. Could you help me out and let me know what I need to send you to get started? Thanks for sharing your work is excellent.

  6. Are you guys aware of OpenHAB? It seems to me that you have similar goals (open source, universal, etc.). Perhaps it might be best to contribute to that project, instead of rolling your own from scratch?

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