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Check out my latest post where I demonstrate this functionality as a popup in XBMC, including script source code

Check out my latest project!

I have fully installed my door bell and camera, have developed a decent looking website and html email template and configured my cellphone to make door bell dings when the message letting me know someone is at the door arrives. It was all pretty simple. I’ll be posting a video soon but currently it’s -25’C outside.

I just got my hands on a used x10 pan/tilt camera mount. With it I have retrofitted my non-pan/tilt IP camera with it and I have written a simple yet easy on the eyes web interface with live 1 frame per second(by choice) view.

Check out my latest post where I demonstrate this functionality as a popup in XBMC, including script source code

I’ve finished installing my in-ground sprinkler system, which includes a lawn sprinkler and some pop-up garden misters.

It was a very easy job and only cost a couple hundred dollars. Each garden mister really too 2 minutes to dig, place and fill. The in ground sprinkler is also very easy. The hardest part was digging the trench for the feeder link to the sprinkler, but that wasn’t much work either.

Parts Used:

  • Digital Water Timer
  • Irrigation header hose
  • Compression ends/connectors
  • PSI Regulator
  • In-Ground lawn sprinker
  • Garden misters

I purchased everything locally from LeeValley. Everything was off the shelf from this link:,2280&p=49657

Except for the lawn sprinkler which I removed (unscrewed) the connector tube and just hooked it up directly to the system.,2280,33159&ap=1

The next step is to open up the water timer, solder some wires to the buttons and then allow control of the timer u997_MEDsing an arduino. I think this will be a very cool mod because I can then use the internet to gain weather reports and use that data to determineĀ  watering. I can also take it a step further by adding say a moisture sensor to intelligently water my lawn. I actually think the water timer isn’t needed because we’re replacing the brains with an arduino, and instead a cheap water solenoid from Adafruit could be used.

Here is a video of me testing out the equipment before install. I also show the parts used.

Here’s some photos of the finished product

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So what you’re seeing here is me using a Harmony remote, and a mediapc running XBMC, plus x10 Home Automation to control my Lights, Thermostat and Fireplace. The Harmony remote and my PC drive the functionality. XBMC’s Notifications via API allow on screen feed back for what commands I’m executing.

Soon I will update this page with links to illustrations, script examples and a parts list.

Parts Used:
-Logitech Harmony Remote
-X10 lights + PC Controller (any HA lights would do)
-IR543 (is an x10 IR received for the remote, but an xbmc script could do this)
Parts Used:
-Logitech Harmony Remote
-X10 Universal Module for fireplace (basically a relay switch)
-TX15B X10 thermostat (deprecated, I recommend a good WIFI thermostat)

Here are some screen shots, I’ve included a summary of most of the dialogs to give you an idea.

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People might be interested in this x10 plugin for XBMC. It doesn't support linux services but I'm actually planning to add this to the existing script.